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Patient Responsibilities

Please note that the following must be addressed in order to ensure optimum service.

    The care a patient receives depends partially on the patient him/herself. Therefore, in addition to the above rights, a patient has certain responsibilities. These should be presented to the patient in the spirit of mutual trust and respect.

    Honesty in Disclosure:

    • Every patient has the responsibility to be honest with his/her doctor& disclose his/her family / medical history.
    Treatment Compliance:
    Every patient has the responsibility…

    • To be punctual for his/her appointments. To cancel or reschedule as far in advance as possible in case of cancellation or rescheduling of the appointments.
    • To do his/her best to comply with his/her doctor's treatment plan
    • Not take any medications on his/her own without the knowledge of doctor and health care professionals.
    • To have realistic expectations from his/her doctor in respect of his/her treatment.
    • To inform and bring to the doctor's notice if it has been difficult to understand any part of the treatment or of the existence of challenges in complying with the treatment.
    • To display intent to participate intelligently in his/her medical care by actively involving himself/herself in the prescribed do-at-home activities.
    Intent for Health Promotion:

    • Every patient has the responsibility to do everything in his/her capacity to maintain healthy habits & routines that contribute to good health, and take responsibility for his/her health.
    Transparency and Honesty:
    Every patient has the responsibility...

    • To make a sincere effort to understand the therapies which include the medicines prescribed and their associated adverse effects and other compliances for effective treatment outcomes.
    • Not to ask for surreptitious bills and false certificates, and/or advocate forcefully by unlawful means to provide with one.
    • To inform and discuss with his/her doctor if dissatisfied. Patient shall report fraud and wrong-doing Conduct.
    Every patient has the responsibility…

    • To respect the doctors and staff caring and treating the patient.
    • To settle bills in the designated cash counters only. No other hospital staff is authorized to collect the payment.
    Abide by the hospital rules:
    Every patient has the responsibility…

    • To collect the receipt after payment. Patient or attendants shall not bring any valuables into the hospital (especially when posted for surgery). Management is not responsible for any theft or loss that may occur in the premises.
    • To comply with the NO SMOKING Policy
    • To communicate with the health care provider if his /her condition worsens or does not follow the expected course.
    • To understand the charter of rights and seek clarification if any

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